The Bone and Joint Initiative’s Project 100 aims to improve medical school education in musculoskeletal medicine. This initiative is being directed by Dr. Joseph Bernstein of the University of Pennsylvania. The goal of Project 100 is to have 100% of American Medical Schools offer a required course in musculoskeletal medicine.

According to Dr Bernstein, currently fewer than half of the country’s medical schools require such a course. Not surprisingly, research has shown that recent medical school graduates lack cognitive mastery of musculoskeletal medicine and lack the necessary confidence in the subject as well. “If the care of musculoskeletal disease is to improve, as we hope, improving medical school education will be a necessary milestone,” said Dr Bernstein. “With the growing burden of musculoskeletal disease in an aging population, it is essential that we raise the profile of medical school education in this discipline.”

As a Bone and Joint Initiative program, Project 100 is a collaborative project among organizations participating in the Initiative.


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